Exhibitions & Publications


Mother Dreams. Indi-Go Gallery, Champaign, IL November 2013.


Open Art Exhibit. Illinois State Board of Higher Education, Springfield, IL.

Alternative Cameras: Pinholes to Plastic. Photoplace Gallery, Middleburg, VT. (Juror: Susan Burnstine). Juror’s Award: The Red Hat.
Family, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, (Jurors: Kirsten Hoving and Emma Powell).
Mirror, Mirror, Darkroom Gallery, Essex, VT, (Juror: Amy Arbus).

Visual Narrative, MPLS Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN (Juror: Susan Burnstine).
Conversations, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX (Jurors: Lisa M Robinson and Ken Rosenthal).
Visual Narratives, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins CO (Juror: Scott B. Davis).
Pinhole, Don’t Take Pictures, Online Exhibition.

Chair. A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX (Juror: O. Rufus Lovett), Director’s Award: Woman in Chair.
Looking Back: The Art of Nostalgia. Photoplace Gallery Middlebury, VT (Juror: Mary Ann Lynch).
Mysterious Visions: Dreams, Fantasies and Mirages. Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, (Juror: Emma Powell).
Self-Portrait. Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT (Juror: Caleb Cole).
Figures-Contexts. Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT (Juror: Cig Harvey).
Alter Ego. Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA, (Juror: Stephen Sheffield).
Lenzless, Plates to Pixels, (Juror: Zeb Andrews).


Marriage Therapy, One Twenty Five Magazine, Vol. 4, October 2015.
Telling Stories, F Stop Magazine, Issue #74, November-December 2015.
Open Theme, F Stop Magazine, Issue #65, June-July 2014.
Open Theme, F Stop Magazine, Issue #58, April-May 2013.
The Sun, Issue 450, p. 30 & 40, June 2013. 


Lensbaby Love Tips and Tricks, Lensbaby Blog. August 12, 2013. http://lensbaby.com/blog/tips-tricks/clickin-moms-lensbaby-breakout-session/

Featured Photographer. Colorvale Actions, April 29, 2014. http://www.colorvaleactions.com/blog/weekly-featured-photographer-katherine-c-clayton/

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